EPRO Travel System

The EPRO Travel System allows the Travel Agent to sell their products through the internet.

There are 6 basic modules on the website:

  1. Attraction – selling of attraction tickets
  2. Packages – Combo selling (combination of different attractions tickets)
  3. Hotel – selling of worldwide hotels through integration with Hotelbeds
  4. Land Tour – selling of land tours
  5. Hotel + Packages – selling of land tours together with hotel
  6. ACE Hotel – Travel Agent’s hotel stock

A FIT booking form is created for every booking made by the traveler on the website, and allow the staff to track the whole booking made by the traveler.

The EPRO Travel System comes with a comprehensive backend system for user to perform the following:

  1. Create Attraction with pricing
  2. Create Combo Packages from different Attractions
  3. Create Hotel (own stock) with different Room Type and pricing module to set the room rate with surcharges for weekends and public holidays as needed
  4. Create Land Tour with pictures, description and pricing
  5. Add inventory for Attraction, and Hotel
  6. FIT Booking Enquiry

The solution was created as a B2B site, but can be customized for as a B2C site with payment gateway for PayPal, Visa/MasterCard, AliPay or any other gateways as needed.

Below are some sample screens of the various modules in the EPRO Travel System.

01. Attraction
02. Packages (Combo)
03. Hotel (HotelBeds Integration)
03. Hotel (HotelBeds Integration)​
04. Land Tour
05. Hotel + Packages
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