Online Booking System for Resort

The Online Booking System with Payment Gateway helps Resort and Hotel owners to do the following:

  1. Create Room Type with Different Pricing
  2. Create/maintain an inventory of the room Type
  3. Create Surcharges for Weekends and Public Holidays
  4. Allow guest to book the room through the  property’s website by including our Booking Engine
  5. Real-time checking on the availability of rooms with pricing information
  6. Payment gateway to confirm the booking and secure the room
  7. Emails are sent to the guest, sales staff and property administrator  with Service Vouchers

Booking of Property

These are some sample screens of the Booking System.

When the guest selects the room that he/she wants, then the booking has to be completed within a set time determined by the property owner as the room will be temporary locked and unavailable to other guests.

The Online Booking System has a powerful backend system to manage the inventory of rooms, the selling price, with surcharges as needed for weekends and public holidays, and discount through Promotion Codes. Promotion code can be control at different levels, example room rates, extension nights, and optional activities.

Reports can be configured to be sent automatically to the sales department, hotel reception, transport operators, and optional service providers on periodic basic to prepare for the guests arrival.

The Online Booking System helps property owners to provide better services to guests and ensures bookings are paid, hence improving cashflow for the company.

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