EPRO Event Registration & Attendance System

The EPRO Event Registration & Attendance System helps the event organizer to perform the following:

  1. Create an event
  2. Send email to the invitees
  3. Monitor the registration of participants
  4. Send reminder for invitees who have not registered for the event
  5. Send reminder for participants to attend the event
  6. Mark the attendance of participants on the day of event
  7. Extract attendees’ details for Lucky Draw System (Optional)

Event Creation

  1. Event information – Date, Venue, Agenda, Event write-up
  2. User can upload images of Company Logo, Sponsors’ logos as part of the Registration page
  3. The System will create a registration link for the user to include in the email blast for invitees to register for the event directly from the email

Event Registration

  1. Invitees can register for the event by clicking on the registration link in the email
  2. The Registration page is mobile phone friendly

Event Attendance

  1. Marking of attendance of attendees on the day of event
  2. Monitor the Attendees %age

Post Event

  1. Emails can be sent to attendees with presentation materials and photos
  2. Emails can also be sent to non-attendees as required

Post Event

  1. Event Registration Listing
  2. Event Attendance Listing
  3. Event Non-Attendance Listing

Lucky Draw System

Attendees’ information can be transferred to the Lucky Draw System. The Lucky Draw System is a separate system developed by us

EPRO’s Lucky Draw System is great for Annual Dinner & Dance, Company gatherings, Cocktail receptions, seminars, meetings and various parties to run the lucky draw in a fun and engaging way with the audience.

The traditional way of running lucky draw is dull and requires more manpower to prepare before conducting the lucky draw and to track the winners after the lucky draw.

EPRO’s Lucky Draw System helps the event organizer to perform the following:

  1. Import participant’s details from Event Attendance or Excel file
  2. Import prize details
  3. Import background images with company’s logo
  4. Allow to configure text color, background color, Font-size & style
  5. Display the lucky draw number in a rolling animation way with unique bell before revealing the lucky draw number
  6. Allow user to redraw any specific prize
  7. System works very well with our Event Registration System to import attended participants details
  8. Export lucky draw winner’s information in excel format along with prize details for audit purpose
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